Available Now: The Brewster Book Manuscript!

In 1897, the Brewster Book Manuscript came to the attention of Pilgrim scholar George Ernest Bowman. It contained a large number of genealogical entries from the descendants of William Brewster, starting with the birth of Jonathan Brewster at Scrooby in 1593, and continuing well into the 19th century as the book was passed down the family. He published these genealogical entries between 1899 and 1904 in the Mayflower Descendant. Unnoticed at the time was the fact that there was, in addition to the genealogical material, hundreds of pages of historical texts: provision lists, letters from early Virginia and early Plymouth Colony, patents, commissions, instructions on how to transport people and cattle, alchemy notes from Jonathan Brewster, drawings of horses, and much more. Transcribed for the first time, with images of all the original pages opposite the transcription, this book represents a valuable new primary source for the study of the Pilgrims, Plymouth Colony, and the settlements of both Virginia and New England.