Welcome to the new MayflowerHistory.com

In 1994, I published the first-ever complete Mayflower passenger list on the web.  Back then, most people visited the site with the text-only Lynx web browser!  I redesigned the site in 1998 once graphics came in to more common usage; and again in 2002 when I first purchased the MayflowerHistory.com domain.  Now, more than a decade later, I have finally gotten around to completely revamping the site once again.  Everyone's links to my website (except for the home page itself) will probably be broken thanks to this complete redesign.  Oh well, that's how progress is made!  The primary reason I redesigned the site was to make it easier to update and maintain going forward.  The old site was so cumbersome to maintain that I never did.  This new site is far easier to maintain, which hopefully means it will stay current and start to expand once again.  

The old MayflowerHistory.com website, 2002-2012, R.I.P.

The old MayflowerHistory.com website,
2002-2012, R.I.P.