• Plimoth Plantation Museum.  This excellent living history museum consists of a historical recreation of Plymouth Colony as it existed in 1627, complete with role-playing Pilgrims and historic breeds of livestock.  There is a Wampanoag Homesite where visitors can meet modern-day Wampanoag and see examples of native houses, crafts, agriculture, and lifeways.  The museum also maintains the Mayflower II, a full-scale replica of the Mayflower anchored just a short distance from Plymouth Rock, as well as the Jenny Grist Mill in Plymouth.
  • Pilgrim Hall Museum.  This museum in downtown Plymouth houses most all surviving Mayflower relics, including the Peregrine White cradle, the portrait of Edward Winslow, the Bible of William Bradford, the sword of Myles Standish, the original 1621 Pierce Patent, and numerous other artifacts ranging from dishes, to furniture, to maps and books, and even a few surviving articles of clothing including a beaver hat that once belonged to Constance Hopkins.