Here Shall I Die Ashore is my biography of Stephen Hopkins, and currently my most popular book.  Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins had an extraordinarily fascinating life that included being a castaway on Bermuda, residing in Jamestown during some of the critical early years (where he would have encountered Pocahontas), and making the voyage on the Mayflower with his pregnant wife.  He was (in Bermuda) sentenced to death, but had his sentence commuted.  He was on the early expeditions and diplomatic missions to visit the Wampanoag people.  This book includes scholarly research into his English origins in Upper Clatford and Hursley, Hampshire, England.  It also reprints, in full, the primary source account of the voyage and wreck of the Sea Venture in Bermuda, along with several other key primary source accounts.

Below are some other biographies of Mayflower passengers.  William Bradford: Plymouth's Faithful Pilgrim is written with a middle or high school audience in mind, but can be enjoyed by anyone as a solid introduction to Bradford and Pilgrim history.  Mayflower Bastard focuses on a lesser-known Pilgrim story of the life of Richard More, who came on the Mayflower as a child with three siblings after having been sent off to America by his father as the result of a divorce.  Highly recommended, but not currently available on, is Jeremy D. Bangs' biography Pilgrim Edward Winslow: New England's First International Diplomat (Boston, 2004).