Mayflower Paintings by Mike Haywood

These limited-edition prints by noted maritime artist Mike Haywood are now available from  Unless otherwise noted, all prints are giclée on high quality canvas, 22" x 32", and are limited editions of 250 prints.  Giclée is a fine art reproduction process that involves spraying special ink onto canvas, giving the look and feel of the original artwork.  Prints are shipped directly from the artist in England and take about two weeks to be delivered.  They are rolled in sturdy shipping tubes.  These canvas prints are meant to be stretched and framed in the same manner as an oil painting (a service available at any framer shop.)  Prices include international shipping from England.


Prosperous Wind
One of my personal favorites, this painting depicts the Mayflower leaving Plymouth, England on 6 September 1620.  Available as a lithograph on paper (limited edition of 1000) or Giclée on canvas.

Giclée Print, $240
Lithograph Print, $60

Pilgrim Overboard
During a storm on the Mayflower's voyage, passenger John Howland was knocked overboard, but was able to grab hold of the topsail halyards, giving the crew enough time to rescue him.

Giclée Print, $240

Mayflower Dawn
This painting was commissioned at my request, and was designed especially for the cover of my book, The Mayflower and Her Passengers. It depicts the Mayflower at anchor off the tip of Cape Cod, the morning of November 11. The sun is rising in the distance over the vicinity of Truro. Seamen are at work readying the longboat and loosing the sails; a few passengers gaze out for the first time at the land they will soon begin exploring.

Giclée Print, $240

Pilgrim's Landing
One of the images used on the cover of my book Here Shall I Die Ashore, depicting the first steps ashore at Provincetown Harbor on 11 November 1620.

Giclée Print, $240

Myles Standish.
This beautifully done portrait is based on a couple of late 19th century drawings and a black-and-white photo of a portrait of Myles Standish, believed to have been painted in 1626. This print is 16" x 20", unlike the others which are 32" x 22".

Giclée Print, $150