Love Brewster

BIRTH:  About 1611 in Leiden, Holland.
MARRIAGE:  Sarah Collier, 15 May 1634, at Plymouth.
CHILDREN:  Sarah, Nathaniel, William, and Wrestling.
DEATH:  Between 6 October 1650 and 31 January 1650/1 at Duxbury.

Love Brewster was born in Leiden, Holland, to parents William and Mary Brewster. His father William was the Elder of the congregation, and in Leiden was a teacher of English and also published books on religion and theology (most of which were illegally sent into England).

At the age of about 9, he came with his father and mother on the Mayflower to Plymouth. He married Sarah Collier in Plymouth on 15 May 1634. Sarah was the daughter of William Collier, one of the investors, or Merchant Adventurers: a shareholder in the Plymouth Plantation. Love became a freeman (able to vote and hold land) in the Plymouth Colony on 2 March 1635/6, and was a volunteer to fight in the Pequot War of 1637, but Plymouth Colony's volunteers were not needed. He raised his family in the town of Duxbury, volunteered for the militia under Captain Myles Standish, and lived out his life in the town. His wife Sarah survived him for about thirty more years, dying on 26 April 1691.