Edward Leister

Edward Leister was one of two servants, or apprentices, brought by Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins.  Since he was a signer of the "Mayflower Compact," we can assume he was over 18 or 21 years of age, but as servant he was almost certainly under the age of 25.  This would place his birth at somewhere between 1595 and 1602.

He, along with fellow servant Edward Doty, proved to be somewhat on the rowdy side.  They were the last two men to sign the "Mayflower Compact," which has led some to speculate they may have been originally unwilling to sign and required some persuasion.  In June 1621, the two servants would engage in a duel, both wounding each other before the fight was broken up.  They were sentenced by the Company to have their head and feet tied together for a full day, but the sentence was commuted after an hour due to their apparent suffering and the plea of their master Stephen Hopkins for their release.

Leister was enumerated in the 1623 Division of Land, but disappears by the time of the 1627 Division of Cattle.  William Bradford indicates that as soon as his contract was up, he headed off to Jamestown, where he later died.