Letter of Edward Winslow to Robert Jackson, 1623

To his much respected Uncle Robert Jackson these be given.


            Though unknowne I remember a kinsmans love unto you desiring to be remembred to my father-in-law, to whom as to yourselfe my wife remembreth her duty etc.  Almost two yeares since I wrote to my father-in-law declaring the death of his sonn White & the continued health of his daughter and her two children; also how that by Gods providence she was become my wife, whom (praised be God) I left in health at Plimoth in new England the 10th September last past my selfe being now at London upon some business between the Plantation there & the company of Adventurers & the Councell here and am to returne againe about Decembr. next.

            Having therefore a fit opportunity I thought it but my duty to write unto you sorrowing that I have not time to acquaint you with our proceedings, but promise you a large relation thereof before my departure.  In the generall we have undergone many straites & difficulties & yet have many hopes of future comfortes.  My wife hath had one childe by me, but it pleased him that gave it to take it again unto himselfe: I left her with childe at my departure (whom God preserve) but hope to be with her before her delivery.  I never yet received any letter from any of her friendes: onely I heare that some are now gone over which I missed.  I shall be very glad to heare from you before my returne.  If you write direct your letters to Mr. James Sherly haberdasher of small wares att his howse in crooked lane or at his shop at the horseshoe on London Bridge.  I pray you send worde how my father in law doth & where he liveth, also concerning my wives brother & sisters to whom I pray you commend our best affections Thus expecting your answere I take leave this 30th of October 1623

            Your loving kinsman
                        Edward Winslow