Change-Log for the Week of 4 December 2012

This is the first "Change Log" for the new, which went live the day after Thanksgiving.  The Change-Log is intended to let you know which pages I have created or updated during the current week.

  • I added three new pages for the "History" section, namely the Provisions Lists (covering the items the Pilgrims brought on the Mayflower); the Cross-Section of the Mayflower (showing what the interior looked like); and the End of the Mayflower (covering the last years of the ship before it was scrapped).  These were left off the original update to the site due to time constraints but I managed to get them finished this week.
  • I have added "Sources and Bibliography" pages to John AldenIsaac Allerton, and Bartholomew Allerton.  I plan to slowly add these for each Mayflower passenger over time.  The intent of these pages is to provide the primary source citations, and links to the said material, for all the critical facts related to each passenger, including their birth, marriage, death, and probate.
  • I added new "autographs" to the Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland and William Mullins pages.  In both cases they signed with a "mark", indicating they were not able to write their names.  Many people in the 17th century never learned to write.