Probate Inventory of the Mayflower (1624)

After the death of Christopher Jones, the master and quarter-owner of the Mayflower, the ship was appraised by the High Court of Admiralty.  Three of the four owners requested the appraisal.  The ship, in that request, is represented as being "in ruinis," meaning the ship was likely being sold for scrap.

This is a photo-scan of the original inventory taken on the Mayflower in 1624, as found in the Public Records Office in London, in the records of the High Court of Admiralty (HCA 24/81, fol. 167/219). was the first to publish this document in its entirety.  

Crown copyright: Public Record Office, London. This document may be copied and downloaded for personal and research use only. You must apply to the Public Record Office for permission for any other use. Contact for additional information.

The appraismt or valuacon of the shippe the 
Mayflower of London and her tackle and 
furniture taken and made by authoritye of 
his Maje Highe Courte of Admiraltye on 
the 26th day of May 1624 at ye instance
of Roberte Childe, John Moore, and 
Jones the relicte of Christopher Jones 
deceased, owners of three fourth parte 
of the said Shippe, by us William 
Craford and ffranncis Birks of Redriffe, 
marriners, Robert Clay and Christopher 
Malym of the same, shipwrights as 

Inprimis wee the said appraisers 
having viewed and seene the 
hull, maste, yardes, boate, 
winles and Capsten of and 
belonginge to the said Shipp, 
Doe estimate the same at --------- £50

Item.  five anckors weighinge 
about 25c wt wee value at -------- £25

Item.  one suite of sailes 
more than half worne, wee 
estimate at ------ £15

Item.  3 Cables, 2 hawsers, 
the shrowdes and stayes wth 
all the other rigginge more 
then half worne at ------ £35

Item.  8 muskitts, 6 bandeleers, 
and 6 piks at -------- 50 s


Item. ye pitch pott and kettle ------- 13s, 4p
Item. ten shovells ------ 5s
Suma totalis 128.08-04

In witnes wherof wee ye said appraisers 
have hereunto putt our handes

Frannces Birks 
Wm Crayford 
Robart Clay 
Christopher Malim