John Turner and his two sons

Little is known about John Turner and his family--even the names of his two sons that came on the Mayflower remain unknown.  They all died the first winter at Plymouth, likely between January and March 1621.  John Turner was a merchant living in Leiden, and was granted citizenship there on 27 September 1610, making him one of the earliest members of the Pilgrim congregation to get his citizenship there.  On 11 June 1620, the Pilgrims' business agent and fellow churchmember Robert Cushman wrote a letter saying "I received your letter yesterday, by John Turner ..." and later wrote "You shall hear distinctly by John Turner, who I think shall come hence on Tuesday night."  This suggests Turner was traveling between England and Holland.  Unfortunately there are far too many men named John Turner living in England for there to be any hope of identifying further details.

John Turner had a daughter named Elizabeth who remained behind in Holland, came to New England later, and married there--perhaps in Salem.  Unfortunately her identity has not been discovered, and with a common name like Elizabeth it will be extraordinarily difficult to do so with any level of certainty.