Resolved White

BIRTH:  Probably about 1615, based on estimated age at marriage.
FIRST MARRIAGE:  Judith Vassall on 5 November 1640 at Scituate.
SECOND MARRIAGE: Abigail Lord, widow, on 5 October 1674 at Salem.
CHILDREN (all by Judith): William, John, Samuel, Resolved, Anna, Elizabeth, Josiah, and Susanna.
DEATH:  Sometime shortly after 1690 at Marshfield.

Resolved White came on the Mayflower at about the age of about five, with parents William and Susanna.  He was raised by step-father Edward Winslow following the death of his father William and remarriage of his mother in 1621.  They moved to Marshfield in the 1630s, and later moved to Scituate where he married Judith Vassall, the daughter of William and Ann (King) Vassall.  Resolved White's stepfather Edward Winslow wrote a pamphlet in 1647 entitled New England's Salamander Discovered, where the notorious and slanderous "salamander" was apparently William Vassall the father of his wife Judith.

Resolved White moved his family back to Marshfield in the early 1660s, and Judith died and was buried there on 3 April 1670.  He then remarried to the widowed Abigail Lord in 1674 in Salem.  He was a soldier in King Philip's War of 1676, and became a freeman in Salem in 1680, before moving back to Marshfield a couple years later.  He died sometime not too long after 1690, presumably in Marshfield.