Mrs. Susanna White

BIRTH:  Unknown, but probably around 1595 based on the known ages of her children.
FIRST MARRIAGE:  William White, probably around 1616, based on the estimated age of son Resolved.
SECOND MARRIAGE:  Edward Winslow on 12 May 1621 at Plymouth (the first marriage at Plymouth).
CHILDREN (by William): Resolved and Peregrine.
CHILDREN (by Edward): unnamed child who died young, Edward, John, Josiah, and Elizabeth.
DEATH:  Sometime between 1654 and 1675.

Susanna White's origins, and maiden name, are unknown.  The claim she was Susanna Tilley has been disproven, and the William White who married Anna Fuller in Leiden was not the Mayflower passenger either: that particular William White witnessed an ante-nuptial agreement of Samuel Lee in Leiden in April 1621, and witnessed the marriage of Sarah Priest in October 1621, and so couldn't have been the Mayflower passenger.  So, Mrs. Susanna White's identity and English origins remain unknown. 

Susanna came on the Mayflower with husband William, and son Resolved.  She was pregnant, and gave birth to son Peregrine while the Mayflower was still anchored off the tip of Cape Cod.  Her husband William died the first winter, and she remarried a few months later to fellow Mayflower passenger Edward Winslow.  Their marriage in May 1621 was the first marriage at Plymouth.  Susanna was one of only four adult women to have survived to see the "First Thanksgiving" at Plymouth that autumn.  Susanna died sometime after 1654, when she is mentioned in her husband's will.