Gilbert Winslow

BAPTISM: 29 October 1600, St. Peters, Droitwich, co. Worchester, England, son of Edward and Magdelene (Oliver) Winslow.
MARRIAGE: Did not marry.
BURIAL: 11 October 1631 at Ludlow, co. Shropshire, England.

Gilbert Winslow was twenty years old when he came on the Mayflower with his older brother Edward Winslow.  Other brothers Kenelm, John, and Josiah, also later came to New England.  Gilbert signed the "Mayflower Compact" in November 1620.  William Bradford recorded that Gilbert Winslow lived in Plymouth for "divers years," before he "returned into England and died there."

Gilbert's burial and probate administration were only recently discovered at Ludlow, Shropshire, England, where his estate was valued at just over £30.  It was administered by his brother Edward.

In 1663, the Plymouth Court acknowledged Gilbert Winslow, deceased, was a first-comer and his heirs could seek out and purpose a plot of land to the Court.  The estate inventory of Kenelm Winslow, another brother who came to New England later, mentions that he and his brother John were granted Gilbert Winslow's land.