ChangeLog for 17 August 2013

  • Added a new Sources/Bibliography page for James Chilton (here). 
  • Updated the James Chilton page itself to link to the above Sources/Bibliography page, and fixed two issues.   First, the marriage date for James Chilton was given as "about 1585-1586."  This was actually corrected by Michael Paulick in an article in 2007 to "about 1583" based on the discovery of an additional baptism record for the couple.  Second, I added the said missing child (Joel) to the list of children. Also added the name of James Chilton's mother, Edith, based on the 2013 discovery published by Jon Wardlow in Mayflower Descendant vol. 62.
  • Added a blog-post about the Spring 2013 issue of Mayflower Descendant
  • Fixed a typo on the "Voyage" page (Delfthaven -> Delfshaven)
  • Fixed a typo on the Samuel(2) Fuller page (Tothrop -> Lothrop)